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YnT is a dynamic 3PL Logistics and Supply Chain solutions provider. We are best in class and are a multi-service integrator, who assemble and manage the resources, capabilities, and technology of the service providers, integrating it with our technology to deliver a comprehensive and seamless supply chain solution. We are a team of experienced, reliable, and easy to approach supply chain professionals who can offer you bespoke logistics solutions.


e-Commerce Enterprises

e-commerce companies wanting to expand their reach or wanting to break bulk and repack will be our main customer segment. Our ability to reach even a small item flawlessly to the end-user without breakage or loss puts us in a position to service the logistics needs of e-commerce companies well. Our national reach and penetration to vast numbers of pin codes will also be a tremendous value multiplier for e-commerce companies.


Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises who want holistic logistics solutions for their foray into e-commerce need to look no further than YNT Supply Chain Solutions as we offer end-to-end solutions for them including offering them “Pay per shelf” options which make it very cost-effective for them to foray into e-commerce. We also offer reverse logistics solutions for them to collect back items from the customers who might be wanting to return the products for whatever reason.


Large Manufacturers and brands

For large manufacturers and brands looking to expand their national reach and to service their markets be it dealers/ distributors or even end customers, YNT Supply Chain Solutions services will be a boon given that we can manage pretty much whatever they want including offering them large-sized warehouses and providing foolproof inventory management, quality control, and reporting.


Catalog marketers and Rewards aggregators

For Catalog marketers and rewards aggregators, the range of YNT Supply Chain Solutions offerings will be a Godsend, given that we understand this space very well and more importantly we can commit to stringent timelines for rewards/ product dispatch and delivery.


Grocery retailers / supermarkets / Modern retail / daily needs e-commerce players

For all those servicing the end user’s daily essential needs, we can be your back-end factory, receiving products in bulk and repacking them in smaller quantities/ units. Packaging and shipping them to the end-user.

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