Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

Build resilience, minimize disruptions, and optimize costs and working capital

We have products and solutions that fit your supply chain management needs.

Our supply chain management solutions, tools and services ensure goods are delivered from suppliers to customers in the most efficient way. We tackle supply chain problems that result in loss of business and lead to customer frustration.

Every supply chain organization faces different challenges, and that is why we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to supply chain management.

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Driving better customer experiences

One of the most important requirements of a flawless supply chain is to plan your inventory to be aligned with the sales thruput. We help you plan your inventory basis the stock turnover ratio. Similarly, labour planning is also an important parameter to ensure reliable supply chain. Our years of experience have helped us to anticipate peak and slack periods of work and has helped us to deploy adequate manpower to meet these fluctuations in load, cost-effectively.
One of the most important aspects of warehouse management is to ensure that the stocks coming into the warehouse are of the right quality and are not in a damaged or seal-broken condition so that there are no unnecessary disputes with suppliers subsequently. If at the time of inwarding such damaged or tampered stocks are not flagged or returned, suppliers could dispute the claim subsequently.
Quality Control
It is very important to do at least a sample check to ensure that the contents of the packages are indeed aligned with what the invoice claims it to have, both in terms of quantity and in terms of model/colour/ accessories, etc. Else subsequently when the products are shipped to the end-user ordering on the e-commerce site, there could be disputes leading to leakages of revenue. Hence inwarding is a very important process and our handling multiple clients including banks have given us the wisdom to define a fool-proof inwarding process for goods being delivered by suppliers.


We provide warehousing for wet and dry products including manufacturing, e-commerce, catalog management, export/ import, and trading companies. We will be able to develop custom-built warehouses for our customers as per their specifications and need. We can provide dedicated warehouses, part warehouses, dedicated shelves/ racks, part racks, or shelves as per the need of the customer. All warehouses are equipped and will be equipped with state of the art monitoring equipment including cameras, biometric logging, RFID (wherever needed) to ensure complete security for our client stocks.

We can also provide the following services:

Setting up warehouses for Indian or Foreign entities in Free Trade Warehousing Zone
Dedicated customs support for speedy clearance of goods through customs – both inward and outward
Assistance in duty payment


Managing the last mile delivery through a very robust and time-tested process of shipping is our specialty. Our vast experience in shipping has enabled us to propose the best shipping solution to our clients whether it is by surface or air. We have the knowledge of mapping the entire country with the help of multiple couriers and hence we can cover a vast majority of the Pincodes in India through multiple couriers.

We can also offer reverse logistics solutions of collecting items/ shipments back from customers across the country if for any reason they choose to return it to the company. We offer the following shipping services:

Courier Management
Multiple couriers are used on the basis of priority of the shipment and/or the Pincode of delivery, all delivered at the most competitive rate in the industry.
Returns Management & Reverse logistics
Taking back products/ deliveries from customers who do not want them for whatever reason is a challenge for many e-commerce companies from a logistics point of view. We have the capability to take back returns from across the country and make your supply chain more efficient and delight your customer.

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