Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

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Companies, especially e-commerce platforms, whether they are big or small need secure and dependable warehousing for stocking, packing and shipping their products to end-users.

We provide the optimal warehousing services with a fool-proof way of inwarding, stocking, picking, packing and shipping products/ merchandise/ vouchers to end-users, using multiple couriers.

The stock keeping and stock reporting and tracking processes are best in class giving complete assurance and peace of mind to our customers. We can also offer reverse logistics thereby providing a complete end-to-end logistics and supply chain solution to our e-commerce service providers and other manufacturer brands.

Warehouse Logistics Solutions

We provide warehousing for wet and dry products including manufacturing, e-commerce, catalog management, export/ import and trading companies. We will be able to develop custom-built warehouses for our customers as per their specifications and need. We can provide dedicated warehouses, part warehouses, dedicated shelves/ racks, part racks, or shelves as per the need of the customer. All warehouses are equipped and will be equipped with state of the art monitoring equipment including cameras, biometric logging, RFID (wherever needed) to ensure complete security for our client stocks.

We can also provide the following services:

Setting up warehouses for Indian or Foreign entities in Free Trade Warehousing Zone
Dedicated customs support for speedy clearance of goods through customs – both inward and outward
Assistance in duty payment

Our warehousing operations include the following activities which are done professionally and which have been finetuned to give optimal efficiency thanks to our over decade expertise in warehouse operations:

  • Binning – efficient allocation of spaces for binning including pallet locations, shelves, operations space
  • Bundling / Kitting / Labelling / Sequencing Services – bundling of more than one product for dispatch, ensuring labeling is done correctly using a maker/ checker process to ensure that there are no wrong dispatches, and prioritizing and sequencing of dispatch basis client SLAs are some of the key differentiators that we offer
  • Packing – we can produce and stock customized packing material with client brand livery and colors including corrugated/ cardboard boxes, envelopes, sealing tapes, etc. We also will recommend the right packing material to ensure that the products do not get damaged en-route but also ensuring that the overall weight does not push up courier costs.

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